Good Afternoon SPS School Community,

Based on our 'Back to School Plan for SPS' dated August 18th, please find our weekly report regarding mask-wearing in our buildings for this coming week September 20, 2021. Please see the information below and contact central office if you have any questions.


Number of Cases

Percentage of Population

Required to Wear Masks Next Week

Shepherd HS/MS




Odyssey Middle/High School




Shepherd Elementary




Winn Elementary




*High School and Middle School are considered one shared building. Percentage of population positive equals .8% when combined. 

As a reminder masks on buses continue to be a federal mandate.

The language in the Back to School Plan reads, “All students and staff in the affected area will be required to wear masks until the positivity rate is cut in half (.5% or below). “ The metric that put the middle/high school at masking originally (9/10/21) was a percentage of 1.1%.  The masks can be removed when these buildings are at .55%.  Currently, as you can read, both buildings combined are at .8%.  We are almost there…

Winn Elementary was inadvertently masked last week.  As a result, they did not ever meet the 1% threshold.  Therefore, they do not have to mask until they reach a level over 1%.

One phenomena happening in districts across the state at this time is mandated extended closures of schools due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Schools are transitioning to "remote" learning.

What does REMOTE mean?  As a district, we continue to hope for the best though we must plan for the worst.  The education of our Bluejay students is essential.  Please know that IF the COVID-19 cases warrant a classroom, building, or district "shut down," we will transition from face-to-face to remote learning.  Students will still be "required to attend" Zoom/Google meet sessions and complete assigned work.  Should this occur, I encourage you to think about a back up plan."

Thank you and have a great weekend.