Lentovich, Lynette

Lentovich, Lynette , 17 days ago

First graders developing their teamwork skills while engaging in friendly competitions.

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Administration , 19 days ago

This is Iris, our black labrador retriever. She is our social emotional therapy dog. Mrs. Catrell, our librarian, went to visit her this weekend. Iris cannot wait to meet everyone when she arrives in early April. She is also proud to be a Bluejay!🐾

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Administration , 23 days ago

Our TK friends celebrated Chinese New Year this last week with a dragon parade, art projects, trying to eat with chop sticks, reading books, etc.

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Dabney Dusenbery

Dabney Dusenbery , about 1 month ago

Mrs. Dusenbery's 5th graders and their TK buddies from Mrs. Baltimore's class had some fun with giant floor puzzles.

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Jason Wolf

Jason Wolf , 2 months ago

Our 5th graders making their annual Christmas Carolling visit to the office.

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