Administration , 4 months ago

Shepherd Elementary Families,

Let me begin by saying how much we miss all of our students!

While we continue to be deeply concerned for our students’ health and well-being as well as that of their families, our school team has been hard at work. Our teachers and staff have been busy preparing to make a more formal shift to distance learning. I am being careful to use terms like “distance or at-home learning” rather than online learning, because we will be using more
than the Internet to provide educational opportunities for our students. We are not only preparing online content; we are also preparing some packets and other materials for students and families that need those materials.

Shepherd Public Schools distance learning will begin the week of April 20. Over the past few weeks, we have examined plans from other districts, many in other states, that have already made the shift to distance learning, and we have communicated with administrators, teachers, and parents in other districts. We have had numerous virtual meetings with our administrators and teachers to develop plans that we feel will work in our community.

Families that are in need of a computer for online learning, but have internet at home, will be receiving a Chromebook through the Shepherd Schools Technology Department for their device. Depending on your location, some families will have their device delivered to their homes while others will have to pick up their device at the school (4/16, noon-1pm or 4/17, noon-1pm & 6-7pm). The School Technology Department also has a Helpdesk Hotline set up to assist with any questions or issues one may have with their Chromebook. You will call 989-828-4843 and leave a message, and someone will return your call promptly.

As for families that indicated that they did not have internet at home, choose not to do online learning, or we have not been able to communicate with; your child has a work packet at the Elementary office. These packets can be picked up in the entryway of the Elementary School (next to the office), Thursday (4/16), Friday (4/17), or Monday (4/20) 8am to 8pm and also on Tuesday (4/21) from 8am to 1pm. These work packets are to be completed by May 8 and returned to the school,at which time they will receive a second work packet. These packets will be done in conjunction with weekly communication with the teachers.

All students and families are to not only complete the work that has been assigned (online or packets), but they are also expected to communicate with their teacher on a weekly basis. This communication can be done by using the learning platform/tool (ie, Class Dojo, Google Classroom, Blooms, Facebook, etc) that the teacher has already set up. If that is not an option, communication can also be done through email or phone calls. Parents need to remember to check their messages daily for new and updated information. Each teacher will be also scheduling weekly virtual class meetings with their students, via Google Meet or Zoom. This will be a way for all the kids to not only ask questions of the teacher, but also see and talk with one another.

At the end of the school year (June 9) all students (current TK-5th gr.) will also be receiving a summer program booklet. This workbook will be for Language Arts, Math, and STEM. These lessons and activities will be supported by weekly introductory videos created by our teachers, as well as weekly virtual meetings, for students to check in and ask questions. More information will be coming out on this summer program in the coming weeks.

We have received many questions regarding picking up student’s personal items and materials that have been left in their classrooms and lockers. Once the stay-at-home order has been lifted, teachers and staff will return to the building and families will be able to come to the school to pick up these items and return any school belongings they have at home (library books, etc.). We will share more information on this process once we know when the order has been lifted and teachers can get back into classrooms.

If you have any questions please contact your child’s classroom teacher. If you are unable to contact the teacher, then contact the Principal, Mr. Wolf via email ( and he will get you into contact with the teachers.

Although this is not how we wanted to end the school year, and we cannot wait until we can be back in our building, working with our kids face-to-face, we will make the best we can of the situation. Like we talk to our kids about on a daily basis, during morning meetings, WE ARE RESILIENT! This is not what we expected or planned for, but we are going to do the best we can to overcome this situation and we will come back in the fall prepared and excited about the new school year.

Thank you to our families and the Shepherd community as a whole for being patient and understanding as we develop and implement this distance learning plan for our kids.

With BlueJay Pride,
Jason Wolf, Principal
Shepherd Elementary

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Administration , 4 months ago

Shepherd Elementary Families -
The Shepherd Schools Board of Education is viewing our distance learning plan tonight (4/13) beginning at 6pm at their committee of the whole meeting. Tomorrow, our plan will then go to the Gratiot-Isabella RESD for final approval. Once we have our final plan approved, we will communicate out on this Facebook page and through email the details that everyone will need. Classroom teachers also be communicating with families of their students, specific details regrading what learning option they have selected (online or packet).

Everyone who selected the online learning option and indicated that they needed a device, they will receiving a device. These devices will be sent out later this week. As for those that selected the workpacket (paper/pencil) learning option, packets will be available for pick up later this week and then sent home if not picked up by a specific date. Details will be shared once plan has been approved. Classroom teachers will have the information on the option that each student selected.

Those who indicated that they do not have internet connectivity at home, but would still like the online option, there is a delay. Due to the high demand for internet hot-spots, our order will not be available until later in May. Those families will receive a packet in the mean time.

We greatly appreciate the effort that Mr. Corey Grim and his tech team have put in to assisting us with our distance learning plan. He and his team have been working nonstop since we learned that distance learning would be occurring.
We will do everything possible to make sure that we help all of you during this unique time in education.

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Administration , 4 months ago

POSTPONED - TK/Kindergarten Screening for the 2020-21 School Year scheduled for April 15-17. We will be rescheduling screening once we return to school.

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Dabney Dusenbery

Dabney Dusenbery , 5 months ago

Mrs. Baltimore's TK and Mrs. Dusenbery's 5th grade got together to celebrate the reading of our book The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

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Dabney Dusenbery

Dabney Dusenbery , 5 months ago

Reading with our buddies!

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