Holly Moeggenberg

Holly Moeggenberg , 12 days ago

Special Board Meeting (Virtual) on Monday night at 7:00 p.m., click on new for details on time/link. Click on website, explore and board of education for agenda.

Web Admin

Web Admin , 9 days ago

The roads have not improved to make it safe enough for our buses. We will be forced to close today.

Corey Grim

Corey Grim , 9 days ago

We will be forced to delay the start of school today due to a heavy snowfall last night. There will be a two hour delay this morning. Our hope is that the county will clear the back roads, to provide our buses safe access.

Corey Grim

Corey Grim , 13 days ago

We, Shepherd Public Schools will need to remain closed tomorrow, Friday, due to our inability to cover our classrooms and food service department. This is the result of the negative reactions to the staff members second vaccine. This will be considered a snow day. We can not ask, require our teachers to work at home, if they are to ill to work on site. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience.

Corey Grim

Corey Grim , 14 days ago

Unfortunately we will need to call a snow day for tomorrow, Thursday, due to the district’s staff experiencing symptoms from their second dose of the Covid vaccine. Their will will be no online instruction. Just for your information, we were unable to select the days for either of our vaccines, thus this has occurred. We apologize for this inconvenience. Mr. McMillan

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Regular Board Meeting

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Superintendent Position Update

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: On Friday, February 26, during a special meeting of the Shepherd Public School Board, Interim Superintendent McMillan submitted a resignation letter in order to stay in...

Special Board Meeting

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