What Will This Bond Accomplish?

On August 6, 2024, Shepherd Public Schools will have a bond proposal on the ballot that, if approved, would further refurbish, remodel and expand our facilities.  The proposed bond issue would not result in a tax millage increase from the 2024 tax levy.

If approved by voters, the bond proposal would provide $25.2 million for district wide improvements.

The improvements would focus on four key areas throughout the district that would support creating future ready learning spaces. Those key areas are: Operational Cost Savings, Flexibility to the Future, Enhancing Safety and Security, Extra Curricular and Community Use spaces.

If it is light blue, it is a remodel or operational update and dark blue is a new construction. 

Shepherd Public Schools Bond Video

AC and Furnishing

Bond Introduction


Funds and Key Areas

Odyssey Building

Safety and Security

Skilled Trades

Sound Storage Lighting

Wrestling and Classroom Furniture

Register to Vote on the Shepherd 2024 Bond Proposal

This bond will be on the August 6th, 2024 ballot. Absentee voting begins at the end of June. You can vote in your usual polling place for state and national elections, or visit www.michigan.gov/vote to locate your polling place. Michigan law allows you to register to vote up to and including the day of voting. You can request an absentee ballot at your township clerk’s office, or by visiting www.michigan.gov/vote.

Safety and Security

This bond will improve and update safety and security systems. In addition, the construction of an enclosed connecting hallway will provide safety for students and staff walking between the middle and high school buildings.

Skilled Trades and Classroom Upgrades

A new wood shop and a new metal shop complete with leading industry tools and techniques will equip our students to develop practical and industry standard skills while preparing them to meet the local and national demand for skilled workers.

Wresting Building Addition

A new wrestling building addition will address our current facility limitations and accommodate our growing program.

Mechanical Updates

The buildings will receive maintenance updates such as: new windows and siding, the addition of air conditioning for a better experience during summer school and community events. This also includes upgraded furniture and technology throughout as well.

Cafeteria Expansion

Expanding our cafeteria allows our food service department to serve our students in a more efficient and timely manner as well as space to offer additional food stations. In addition, events such as the Maple Syrup Festival, Baseball Pie Sales, sport and academic meetings/banquets will have adequate seating and space.

Additional Learning Spaces

Five (5) new classrooms will be added to our middle school and high school building to increase our teaching capacity, as well as upgrade our chemistry lab with state-of-the-art equipment to offer more interactive and engaging learning opportunities while exploring science concepts and careers.

Safer & More Efficient Drop Off

A newly configured student drop-off drive will improve traffic flow, ease congestion, and most importantly increase safety for all students arriving to learn each morning and leaving every afternoon.

Visual & Performing Arts Investment

Updates to auditorium sound and lighting, a new band room and new art rooms for both middle and high school students fosters student creativity, enriches their learning experience, and empowers them to explore careers in fine arts, graphic design, performing arts, and more.

Odyssey Building Addition

A multipurpose addition providing students with indoor space to meet a variety of needs including - a cafeteria, a physical education classroom, a space to host sporting events, a testing center and an educational breakout area.

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