Code of Conduct

Athletic Code of Conduct

The conduct of each athlete on and off the field or court is a direct reflection of his/herself, school, family, and community. Therefore, an athlete’s conduct should reflect the highest values and standards of his/her school and family.

Privilege of Participation

It must be understood that the privilege of participation may be taken away in part or as a whole should an athlete’s conduct not be satisfactory. The rules and regulations governing an athlete’s conduct are listed in the Athletic Code of Conduct in the Athletic Handbook . Should an athlete be found to be in violation of this athletic code, the corresponding discipline will be applied as described in the Athletic Code of Conduct. Each athlete and his/her parent/guardian are expected to read, ensure understanding, and sign in agreement the Department of Athletics Athletic Responsibility Acknowledgement. Athletes will not be allowed to participate in athletics until this  acknowledgement is turned in and on file with the athletic director.

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