Student Groups & Organizations

Student Groups & Organizations

Business Professionals Of America

Advisors: Mrs. Bellinger/Mrs. Pramuka

  • Purpose: To provide students the opportunity for the development of leadership skills, personal and professional growth, and career-related competencies.
  • Participation Requirements: Grade level 9-12, Must be enrolled in a business class, Membership dues
  • Major Activities: Fall Leadership Conference for Officers - Oct., Regional Competition - late Jan. (Sat.), State Competition - early March (Thurs.-Sun.), National Competition - late April, Fundraising Activities
  • Portfolio Documentation: Chapter Certificates and any Regional, State or National Certificates


Advisor:Mr. Howard

  • Purpose: Increase team-building skills, choral skills, advances music skills, job preparation, and interview skills.
  • Participation Requirements: Spring auditions (before registration), Grade level 9-12, Performance activities outside of class and weekends required
  • Major Activities: Fundraiser (beginning in October), Public concerts throughout school year, High School Graduation
  • Portfolio Documentation: Certificate, Section Leaders, Most Outstanding



  • Purpose: To provide opportunities for students to have public speaking experiences and fun.
  • Participation Requirements:  Grade Level 9-12, Attend Training/Practice Session, Attend Competitions
  • Major Activities: CSAA League Activities during Second Semester
  • Portfolio Documentation:  Certificates of participation, Possible League Honors and Medals

High School CSAA Talent Review

Advisor:Mr. Howard

  • Purpose: To provide an avenue for varied talent from each of the participating league schools to compete and then perform for all student bodies.
  • Participation Requirements: Grade level 9-12, No lip sync, Must be own talent, No more than eight people per act, Maximum of ten minutes per act (includes set up/tear down), Top two winners of local show Compete in league show, League show winners participate in Road Show
  • Major Activities: Shepherd Talent Show - February (Rehearsals before the Show), League Show - March (Dress Rehearsals before League Show), Road - April 2 Full Days during School
  • Portfolio Documentation: Certificate and pin - from league

Language Arts Team

Advisor: Mrs. Marsh

  • Purpose: To practice writing skills in a competitive environment.
  • Participation Requirements: Anyone is welcome to join; a proficiency in writing is preferred Must attend practice sessions
  • Major Activities: Three Competitions in the fall, two of which are during school hours
  • Portfolio Documentation: Certificate; Possibility of Earning League Honors

Model United Nations


  • Purpose: To allow students insight into the real United Nations by debating and voting upon resolutions.
  • Participation Requirements: Attend training meetings and competitions
  • Major Activities: Two competitions - Usually in fall
  • Portfolio Documentation: Certificate

Quiz Bowl Team

Advisor:  Dottie Mepham

  • Purpose: To promote academic competition in CSAA Quiz Bowl.
  • Participation Requirements: J. V. - Freshman and Sophomores,Varsity - Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
  • Major Activities: J. V. - 7 CSAA Matches, Varsity - 14 CSAA Matches, Varsity - 7 GIRESD Matches
  • Portfolio Documentation: Certificate for conference honors, Certificate for varsity participation

Science Olympiad

  • Purpose: To provide students with an opportunity to test their science knowledge in a competitive setting.
  • Participation Requirements: None
  • Major Activities: One Major Competition in March (Regional Level), Time commitments before then to work on projects and study
  • Portfolio Documentation: Certificate for Participation, Medals or Ribbons Possible

Technology Team

Advisors:  Mrs. Bellinger

  • Purpose: To promote computer competency and enjoyment.
  • Participation Requirements: Grade level 9-12, An interest and/or competency in Databases, Programming, Spreadsheets, Multimedia, Desktop Publishing
  • Major Activities: CSAA competition in April, Intense practice begins during second semester, Practice suggested all year long
  • Portfolio Documentation: Certificate, Possibility of Earning League Honors


Advisor: Amber Yeagley

  • Purpose: To provide students (especially those enrolled in art classes) the chance to pursue enrichment normally not offered during the school day.
  • Participation Requirements: Grade Level 9-12, Regular monthly meetings, Must be passing classes
  • Major Activities: Fall - Trip to museum, Several visits to art sites in the county, Workshops after school, Providing Creative Assistance to Local Businesses
  • Portfolio Documentation: Certificate



  • Purpose: To learn the art of model building, make new friends, and have fun.
  • Participation Requirements: All Ages, No Dues, Participation is Suggested
  • Major Activities: By-Weekly Meetings, Spring Model Show during the Maple Syrup Festival


Advisors: Two Faculty Advisors Per Class

  • Purpose: To give interested students a chance to help make decisions regarding their class.
  • Participation Requirements: Obtain a ballot and run for office - President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Class Representative, Elected by fellow classmates, Duties vary from year to year
  • Major Activities: Freshman: Fall and Winter Concessions, Fund Raising, Homecoming Activities Sophomore: Fall and Winter Concessions, Fund Raising, Homecoming Activities Junior: Fall and Winter Concessions, Fund Raising, Homecoming Activities, Prom, Senior Banquet, Graduation Ceremony Senior: Fall and Winter Concessions, Homecoming Activities, Seniorama, Graduation
  • Portfolio Documentation: Certificate for participation and pin


Advisor: Mrs. McLoughlin

  • Purpose: To Provide H.S. students the opportunity to learn about and participate in all aspects of the theatre as well as fine tune their appreciation of the other fine arts disciplines.
  • Participation Requirements: Thursday meetings, Grade level 9-12, Dues $1.00, Executive Board: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, two Historians
  • Major Activities: Monthly club activities, Play presentation each semester Spring Banquet, Middle Sch. and Elem. Fine Art Prog., Tech Crew Supports Syrup Festival Pageant/Talent Show
  • Portfolio Documentation: Letter of Participation, Pin, Star Year


Advisor: Owen Russell

  • Purpose: To provide students with mechanical skills & interest in industry an organization that meets their abilities.
  • Participation Requirements: No dues, Grade level 9-12
  • Attendance requirements: Attend meetings during homeroom and attend field trips, Serve on an Activity Committee
  • Major Activities: Fall & Spring Field Trip to Industrial Setting, A "Fun" Trip in the Spring, Community support activities, Fundraiser to support Scholarship & Activities, Scholarship Search Committee
  • Portfolio Documentation: Certificate for Participation



  • Purpose: To encourage school spirit and pride through activities; such as hosting pep assemblies and creating spirit signs and posters.
  • Participation Requirements: Grade level 9-12 $1.00 dues, Committee chair people and board members are elected, Attendance at meetings is mandatory to maintain membership
  • Major Activities: Homecoming Snake Dance and Bonfire - Oct., Signs and Posters - Weekly, Pep Assemblies and Other Spirit Activities
  • Portfolio Documentation: Certificate of Participation



  • Purpose: To expose students to their heritage, experience how government operates, reinforce individual leadership qualities, and gain new perspectives about issues regarding people, life, and politics.
  • Participation Requirements: Open to sophomores through seniors, A willingness to fundraise, follow directions, cooperate, attend regular meetings, and prove to be a responsible citizen of Shepherd
  • Major Activities: A full week in spent in Washington, D.C., Monument Visits, Theater Production, Banquet Portfolio
  • Documentation: Certificate


Advisor:  Rick Cahoon

  • Purpose: To promote the general interest and welfare of the Shepherd High School science program through the cooperative efforts of the students and faculty.
  • Participation Requirements: Members must have passed Freshman Science Course, Membership open to Sophomores through Seniors, Must be taking or have passed Sophomore Science Course
  • Major Activities: Concession Stands for Freshman Football Games, Recycling for High School Classrooms, Biology Committee's annual spring trip to N. Michigan, Publication Committee publishes Club Newsletter, Sponsors Science Honor Society
  • Portfolio Documentation: Certificate, Pin


Advisor:Ms. Chaney and Ms. Nartker

  • Purpose: To Promote the general interests and welfare of SHS through the cooperative efforts of faculty and students.
  • Participation Requirements: Five representatives, Elected by each class, Officers elected by student body, Less than three absences (at meetings), Must be a good students "C" Average, Must have satisfactory citizenship
  • Major Activities: Homecoming - Oct., Christmas Project - Dec., Pride Week - Feb./March, Blood Drive - May, Many, Many, Minor Activities
  • Portfolio Documentation: Certificate



  • Purpose: To develop activities and awareness to both improve the "atmosphere" of the school and promote the importance of community involvement.
  • Participation Requirements: Second semester freshman through seniors are welcome to help improve the school and the community
  • Major Activities: Make a Difference Day - Fall, Thanksgiving Cards for Elderly, Penny Pile-Up - December, Valentines for Vets & Valentines for Elderly - February, Have a Heart - February, Pot of Gold Food Drive - March, Helping with Maple Syrup Festival - April, Mentoring/Tutoring - All Year, Other Activities (Cancer Walk, Volunteering at CMCH)
  • Portfolio Documentation: Award, Certificate