Departments - Shepherd High School


Below is a list of the departments at Shepherd High School. To find out more about the faculty or courses in each department, please e-mail the department chairperson by selecting his or her name under the name of the department.

Department Chairs

Business Education Department

Jeanine Bellinger, Dept. Chair

English Department

Danielle Marsh, Dept. Chair

Foreign Language Department

Kyle Grim, Dept. Chair

Health and Physical Education Department

Julie Prout, Dept. Chair

Industrial Technology Education Department

Owen Russell, Dept. Chair

Life Management Education Department

Nichole Howard, Dept. Chair

Mathematics Department

Ross Austin, Dept. Chair

Media Center

Susan Sunderman, Media Specialist

Fine Arts Department

Owen Russell, Dept. Chair

Science Department

Tracie Lentz, Dept. Chair

Social Studies Department

Heather Wolf, Dept. Chair

Special Education Department

Sam Turner, Dept. Chair